This year, I graduated from college in my pajamas from a living room in Montana, bonded with a cat through quarantine, traveled across seven different states to be reunited with that cat, and learned about the subtleties and quirks of a crazy 2020 world.

Here’s some of what I learned:

  1. Only two individuals have their own zip code in the United States: the President and Smokey the Bear. [Matt Gray]
  2. Hummingbirds enter a state of hibernation each night to avoid starving to death in their sleep. [James Gorman]
  3. When…

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Few things are so easy yet have such a great impact down the line

My first exposure to programming came my freshman year of college. A bright-eyed kid sitting in the back of a stuffy lecture hall staring at that first Introduction to Programming & Problem-Solving in Java slide.

After introducing variables and their declarations, our professor devoted an entire section of the PowerPoint to variable and class naming; a seemingly trivial subject: how hard could it be to give a variable a name? If I need a variable to represent the current index of an array, just call it curIndex or something like that.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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Staying physically distant but socially close

These past three weeks have been the most turbulent of my life; plans canceled, packing up and moving across the country on a moment’s notice, a constant fear of infection and infecting.

And yet, my problems are minute in comparison to those of the newly-unemployed, the grieving, the nurses, the doctors, and the infected. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and chaos that surrounds this time for them; my mother is a nurse and my father is a doctor — simultaneously, my admiration and worry for them grow by the day.

This virus has affected all of us in…

Brought dad’s old film camera back to Europe 40 years after its first trip abroad

This year, my face was put on billboards around Denmark, I learned I was the 10,000th baby born in Washington State the year I was born, and I read, a lot. Here’s some of what I read.

  1. Denmark contributes two-thirds of Greenland’s budget revenue. The rest comes mainly from fishing. [BBC]
  2. In 1628, a 2,420,000 pound Swedish warship sank on its maiden voyage after just 10 minutes of sailing. It sat forgotten on the bottom of a Stockholm harbor for three-hundred years before being rediscovered and brought—intact — to the…

At long last, the rolls from abroad have been developed and as promised, here they are in all their grainy glory

I know I said I had retired from posting about study abroad but I know you all have been waiting eagerly by your computer screens for the 35mm pictures I alluded to in past photo drops. Don’t fret, your two-months of waiting will not go in vain.

Buckle up for a wild and crazy journey through Europe via 35mm film.

The Story Behind the Camera

Here’s what I wrote on my DIS application essay before coming abroad:

I further hope to engage with Danish culture and the city of Copenhagen through photography. About a month ago, while cleaning a cabinet in my house, I discovered…

Photo by Jonny Caspari


Crypto-mining, in simple terms

Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Vertcoin, Electroneum, Dogecoin and whatever other ___coin is released in the future all structure themselves around the concept of mining.

Cryptocurrency mining does not involve swinging a pickaxe in a poorly-lit, claustrophobia-inducing mineshaft. It does not require years of tutelage under the expert dwarf miners of Erebor. Quite the opposite — cryptocurrency mining can be conducted from the comfort and safety of your own home. …

Photo by Jo Jo

A quick explanation of the most Financial FOMO-inducing word of the decade

Bitcoin and other crypto coins rely on the core idea of the blockchain.

Oh yeah, I know you’ve heard of “the blockchain.” Yet another buzzword that surrounds all things cryptocurrency. You probably heard Dave toss around the word at a barbecue and if you ever thought “oh that’s too confusing for me,” well, here’s an explanation in easy-to-understand, tech-jargon-minimal form.

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are a method of moving away from old, archaic methods of transaction processing that hinged on a central organization like a bank that takes care of money balances and transfers. Cryptocurrencies decentralize that process and move…

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